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Our loan application is very simple! While the specific requirements are dependent on the specific type of loan program, all we typically need is an easy one-page application with the last four months of your business credit card processing and bank statements. Once we receive the application and statements, we will have an underwriter contact you to discuss the types and amounts of business funding you would qualify for and what the cost will be. We can usually get our clients funded in as quickly as 3-5 days, so the sooner we receive your complete loan application package, the faster we are able to get you funded.
The amount of the loan you may qualify for is very dependent on the specific type of loan program and the strength of the application package being presented; however, with a revenue based loan we can usually secure approximately 9-14% of gross annual sales or about 80-100% of monthly gross deposits for our clients, and sometimes more if the business scores really well. Because this is a revenue based loan, it would be unsecured and the business can qualify even if the owner has a low credit score. Approvals on revenue based loans such as a merchant cash advance happen very quickly and with very little paperwork required.
CyoGate is competitive with bank rates and terms for borrowers with similar loan qualifications. However, many businesses will not have the collateral, credit score, financial history, or want to put up the personal guarantee required to qualify for a bank term loan. And, the reason for the low rates is that the lender's risk is minimized by the collateral and personal guarantee. So, CyoGate offers many other alternatives, like Revenue Based Loans and Merchant Cash Advance where no collateral or personal guarantee is required which makes qualification much easier and less risk for the borrower, but the risk is higher for the lender resulting in a higher cost to use the funds.
For most small businesses, the owner's credit history does help in the evaluation process; however, in most cases this will be a "soft pull" (to ensure no tax liens, etc.) so your credit score will not be affected. Our lenders use a "business-friendly scoring model" that takes our clients' business history into account and not just the credit score. So, if the business can demonstrate revenues, they can usually qualify regardless of credit score. So, while these are not credit driven products, it does help in getting the client more money and better rates/terms. Our lenders are really looking at the business history.
While some specific loan programs such as the SBA Loans involve more paperwork and take more time, we have revenue based business loans that are unsecured, require mimimal paperwork, and can put money in a businesses bank account in as quickly as 3-5 business days.
You can use the funds for any legitimate business purpose including inventory acquisition, facility expansion, buying or leasing equipment, hiring additional employees, launching a marketing campaign, and general working capital.


Virtually any type of equipment that has a specific and direct business use can be put on an equipment lease. Generally, the equipment being leased will be valued at $10,000 to $1 million or more and an equipment invoice or quotation will be required for approval. While commercial vehicles may qualify for an equipment lease, passenger cars and light trucks are generally not accepted.
Our lenders will offer flexible lease buyout terms with options of either a $1 or a fair market value buyout.
For an Equipment Sale/Leaseback the equipment being sold must have a specific business use and must be free of all liens and encumberances, or be very close to being paid in full.
An equipment sale/leaseback can provide anywhere from $20,000 up to $1 million or more, depending on the value of the equipment. Business owners can expect approximately 50% of the current value of the equipment in funding with lease terms of approximately 2-4 years depending on credit and type of equipment.
Yes! CyoGate can help your business add an additional revenue stream by establishing an in-house leasing program that pays your business its money up-front while allowing your customers to finance their purchase over time. The business earns additional revenues off of each lease agreement generated with one of its customers.

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