High Risk Credit Card Processing - Merchant Accounts & Gateway For High Risk Businesses Including Business Opportunity, Bitcoin, Vapor & E-cig, Nutraceuticals, MLM, Adult Entertainment, And More.


High Risk Merchant Accounts & Payment Gateway

CyoGate specializes in high risk credit card processing and our payment gateway supports dozens of high risk processors world-wide. As a result, we're well positioned with multiple sources of high risk merchant accounts for businesses selling things like BitCoin, business opportunities or MLM, vapor & e-cigarette, travel, nutraceuticals, adult entertainment, and many other industries that are considered high risk by the credit card processors.

CyoGate works on each client's behalf to negotiate the lowest possible rates and best possible terms for their high risk credit card processing needs, and we continue to work with our clients on an ongoing basis to help them keep their merchant accounts healthy, get additional volume and additional merchant accounts, assist with payments technology, help with business loans and equipment leasing, and provide general support.

Because the primary reason for any industry to be considered high risk is because that industry is prone to higher rates of chargebacks, to help our clients maintain the best possible processing history, CyoGate also offers true chargeback prevention services that actually intercept chargebacks BEFORE they occur.

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CyoGate Specializes In Retail, Ecommerce, and High Risk Credit Card Processing and our Payment Gateway is the Best In the Industry!


CyoGate is dedicated to our clients first and foremost. We do not charge business owners a fee to help secure a business loan or merchant account, and we only earn money by finding and presenting an approved deal at pricing and terms our client is willing to accept. We represent clients to our partner financial institutions honestly and ethically, and we fully disclose all offers & approvals to our clients. We base our sucess 100% on our ability to help our clients.
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About CyoGate

CyoGate provides credit card processing and business loan services to companies located in the USA. Connect with us on social media!


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