Revenue Based Business Loans And Business Equipment Leasing May Be The Only Financing Options Many Start-Up Businesses Can Qualify For Without Giving Up Valuable Equity!


Revenue Based Loans & Equipment Leases For Start-Ups

Start-up companies looking to secure a business loan have a difficult time being approved for either an SBA loan or a term loan since they typically lack the financial statements, collateral, and credit required for these sources of funding.

Equipment Leasing is many times one of the few financing options available to new and start-up businesses without having to take on investors and give up equity; however, CyoGate also offers Merchant Cash Advance loans from lenders who will approve start-ups that have been in business for as little as 90 days.

Start-Up Business Equipment Lease

Short of an angel investor or wealthy relative, a business equipment lease is many times the only financing option made available to a new or start-up businsses.

CyoGate can secure business equipment leases for new businesses including up to $15,000 for pre-revenue start-up companies and up to $25,000 for new locations of existing businesses. Lease terms are generally two to three years depending on credit and type of equipment being leased.

Start-Up Business Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a great way for a start-up business to establish a relationship with a souce of funding that can be an ongoing souce for years to come and is a good way to bridge the gap between start-up time and time to revenue.

A Start-Up Merchant Cash Advance is limited to $50,000 with up to six month repayment terms and, while good credit isn't necessary and no collateral or personal guarantee are required, you will need at least three months of bank and credit card processing statements; and rates are determined by the credit profile, industry, credit card volume.


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"CyoGate Can Secure Business Equipment Leases & Merchant Cash Advance Loans To New & Start-Up Businesses!"


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