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Credit card processing is an absolute must for any retail business today and CyoGate's solutions are among the best in the industry.

Our flexible and low cost credit card processing solutions allow retailers to accept a wide variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, ACH/e-checks, gift cards, and more. We even have retail card processing solutions that have NO merchant processing fees associated!

CyoGate offers efficient retail point-of-sale systems that improve productivity and reporting, and use the latest EMV technology to help prevent fraud.

Best of all, Cyogate can provide some of the lowest rates and quickest payouts available in the industry with retail merchants typically being funded the next business day. And, CyoGate provides a FREE Merchant Savings Analysis to show how much you'll save by switching your credit card processing to a merchant account from CyoGate.


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CyoGate Specializes In Retail, Ecommerce, and High Risk Credit Card Processing and our Payment Gateway is the Best In the Industry!


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Retail Payment Processing & EMV

Retail Merchant Accounts & PCI Compliant EMV Terminals

To accept credit card payments in a retail store, there are generally two things required:

  1. Retail Merchant Account
  2. Credit Card Processing Terminal

A Retail Merchant Account is a formal agreement with a credit card processor that enables a business to accept credit cards as a form of payment. The Credit Card Processing Terminal is the actual hardware device used to actually process the credit card sale at the point of sale.

Retail credit card processing devices have evolved from the old imprint machines that made carbon copies of the raised print on a credit card, to card swipe terminals that would read the magnetic strip, to todays latest EMV terminals

What is EMV?

EMV stands for "EuroPay, MasterCard & Visa", also referred to as "Chip & PIN", and is a new global standard for credit card processing security, designed to reduce counterfeit fraud, that defines the new RFID chip enabled credit cards and the terminals used to process the transactions for those cards.

Instead of a card swipe, an EMV card is either inserted in the EMV terminal (called, "Dipping") or is read by holding the card up next to a contactless EMV terminal. The EMV terminal, in conjunction with the RFID chip enabled card, create a unique transaction code and a counterfeit magnetic stripe cards that is created from stolen EMV card data will not work in an EMV terminal, thus reducing counterfeit fraud.

Liability Shift To Retailers

The reason it's important for a retailer to understand EMV is that, as of October 2015 there was a liability shift that now makes the retailer liable ONLY in specific instances of credit card fraud.

There is a lot of mis-information on this liability shift so hopefully the following will help clarify.

Prior to October 2015, the liability for credit card fraud always fell on the card issuer. There are now two specific instances where the merchant becomes liable:

  1. If merchant accepts a counterfeit Mag Stripe Card created from an EMV card or transaction data at a non-EMV terminal, the merchant is now liable since the counterfeit credit card can ONLY be processed on a non-EMV terminal.
  2. If a merchant accepts a stolen EMV card that requires a PIN using a NON-EMV terminal or device that does NOT support PIN entry, the merchant will be liable for the chargeback resulting from the fraud.

If you need help with retail credit card processing or understanding the new EMV Point-of-Sale technology & liability implications, please contact us today!



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