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Merchant Cash Advance Explained

A Merchant Cash Advance, sometimes referred to as a business cash advance, is a great option for both small and online businesses to secure the funding they need to grow.

With a Merchant Cash Advance, a business can secure as much as $2 Million in funding in as little as 72 hours with minimum paperwork, no collateral, and with owners credit history posing no obstacles.

A Merchant Cash Advance is technically NOT a business loan. Business loans have a fixed repayment plan with a set interest rate so the loan payment is the same every month. A merchant cash advance, however, is an agreement to purchase a portion of a business' future credit card processing sales at a discount in exchange for up-front capital. The merchant cash advance companies recover their money by taking a percentage of each month's credit card processing billings, so the amount paid back is greater in months where sales are higher and lower in months where sales lower.

The funds received can be used for things like marketing, purchasing new supplies & equipment, business expansion, and emergency needs such as the ability to meet payroll or make rent. A merchant cash advance, however, is generally not a good option for consolidating debt in which case a debt consolidation loan would be more suited.


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"A Merchant Cash Advance Can Be A Great Option For Small Businesses And Online Businesses To Quickly Secure The Funding They Need To Grow!"

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

Quick Funding, Minimal Paperwork, Less Risk & Good Credit Not Needed

A Merchant Cash Advance typically has higher rates than a traditional bank loan, however it's much quicker, easier, less tedious, and lower risk to secure a merchant cash advance; and there are numerous business benefits including:

  • Quick Funding & Very Little Paperwork Needed
    One of the biggest appeals of the merchant cash advance is very rapid funding with very minimal paperwork required. Approvals and funding for a merchant cash advance all generally happens within approximately three to five business days; and the only paperwork typically required is a simple one-page application with 4-6 months of credit card processing statements.

  • Good Credit Not Necessary
    Another nice benefit of the merchant cash advance is that, unlike a bank loan, good credit is not needed. The merchant cash advance is based on a business-friendly scoring model that looks at prior credit card sales to determine the amount and terms of the advance. The lenders will usually do a soft credit pull, which should not negatively effect your credit score, just to ensure no prior bankruptcies or tax liens.

  • Less Strain On Cash During Slow Months
    With a merchant cash advance, repayment is based on a percentage of credit card sales which tend to be higher during more profitable months and lower during less profitable months. So, unlike a bank loan where there is a fixed payment every month regardless of the business' sales, during months where there are lower credit card billings, the amount of repayment for the month will be reduced.

  • Possible Even When Bank Loans Is Declined
    Even if you've been previously declined for a bank loan, if you have been in business for at least one year, can demonstrate consitent credit card billings, and don't have a bankruptcy in your recent past, you should still be able to qualify for a merchant cash advance. You won't need collateral that the banks typically require and owners credit is usually no problem.

  • No Collateral & Less Owner Risk
    As previously stated, because a merchant cash advance is not a traditional bank loan, there is no collateral required. Just the need to demonstrate consistent credit card billings for the business. With a traditional bank loan, the collateral is used to ensure the borrower is sharing the risk with the lender. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can assume ownership of the collateral. With a merchant cash advance, the lender is taking all of the risk, which is why rates tend to be higher than for a traditional bank loan; however, the borrower is never in jeopardy of losing the collateral.



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