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Credit Card Processing for Internet, Phone, Fax & Mail Order

CyoGate Has The Best Payment Gateway In The Industry!

If you wish to accept credit cards from your website or by phone, fax, or mail order, you'll need to use a Payment Gateway to process the transaction; and CyoGate has the best payment gateway in the industry!

There are three vital activities performed by an online payment gateway when a customer attempts to make a purchase from a website using a credit card including credit card authorization, credit card settlement, and activity reporting.

  • Authorization - Any purchase made with a credit or debit card via a payment gateway must first be authorized by the credit card issuer. The payment gateway checks that the credit card is acceptable. The gateway provides a secure link between the merchant's website, the customer and the credit card processor. It also allows for very quick and efficient credit card processing with an average response time of only two seconds.

  • Settling - At the end of the day, the payment gateway groups all of the merchant's transactions together and sends them off to the processor in a single batch in a process called "settlement". Once the funds settle, it normally takes two business days for the merchant to receive the funds electronically in their bank account.

  • Reporting - This process records your transactions and allows you to view them using the payment gateway report facilities. From here you can review them, print them or download them to your computer for further processing.

The CyoGate Gateway supports more than four times the number of processors as the other "leading" gateway provider with much more advanced functions, and all at a lower cost.

Our fully Level III PCI compliant payment gateway features a robust Virtual Terminal that makes credit card processing easy, efficient, and secure and is supported on well over 100 different shopping carts and ecommerce platforms. And, if it's not currently supported, we have a full suite of payment processing API's that make ecommerce-enabling virtually any website or application a simple process including a mobile payment processing API's with both swipe and encryption libraries for both Android and iOS.

The CyoGate payment gateway supports numerous valuable features not available in competitors' gateways including Recurring Billing, Electronic Invoicing, Fraud Scrubbing, Load Balancing, QuickBooks Integration, and more.

Best of all, Cyogate can provide some of the lowest rates and quickest payouts available in the industry with retail merchants typically being funded the next business day. And, CyoGate provides a FREE Merchant Savings Analysis to show how much you'll save by switching your credit card processing to a merchant account from CyoGate.


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CyoGate Specializes In Retail, Ecommerce, and High Risk Credit Card Processing and our Payment Gateway is the Best In the Industry!


CyoGate is dedicated to our clients first and foremost. We do not charge business owners a fee to help secure a business loan or merchant account, and we only earn money by finding and presenting an approved deal at pricing and terms our client is willing to accept. We represent clients to our partner financial institutions honestly and ethically, and we fully disclose all offers & approvals to our clients. We base our success 100% on our ability to help our clients.
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Retail Payment Processing & EMV

Retail Merchant Accounts & PCI Compliant EMV Terminals

To accept credit card payments in a retail store, there are generally two things required:

Service Feature
Supported Processors
Out of Scope API
PCI Certification Tool
Fraud Scrubber
Transaction Routing / Load Balancing
Mobile Payments
QuickBooksTM Plug-In
Virtual Terminal
Payer Authentication
38 Processors
4 Processors
Level III Processing
Batch Processing
Recurring Billing
+ $10/Month
Shopping Cart Support
Electronic Invoicing
Encrypted Devices
Gateway Emulator
Hosted Payment Form
Standalone Desktop Terminal
Mobile API / SDK
Convenience Fee / Surcharge Support
Custom Configurable API Responses
Private Labeling
Gateway Setup Fee
Gateway Monthly Fee
  PayPal is a 3rd Party Processor that has it's own payment gateway which is very different from having a direct merchant account and gateway. The most notable difference is that PayPal provides NO virtual terminal, so there is NO way for a merchant to charge the customer. The customer must self-checkout either from a webpage, or from an emailed PayPal invoice. Additionally, upon checkout, the customer is usually re-directed away from the merchant's website and must then log-in to his PayPal account to complete the transaction. PayPal does not support high risk merchants; and merchants must request transfers of their funds which extends time to receive payment. PayPal does support recurring billing and mobile payments but those functions cannot be initiated or cancelled by the merchant.

  eProcessingNetwork's fees are priced by the merchant processors. Merchants are unable to simply enroll in a gateway account directly.



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